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Sandton Mining is among the fastest-growing mining companies in the region and a multi-commodity mining and metals company operating in Southern Africa. Sandton Mining has built a world-class, unique and fully integrated mining value chain. It is becoming a key player in the long-term diversification of Zambian economy. We complies with the highest international standards of corporate governance and continues to build the company operations on a strong foundation of sustainable practices.

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Mineral Supply, Mining and Exoloration

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Copper is essential to life and our modern society.

Copper is a pinkish-orange metal. It’s an excellent conductor of electricity and is used in a broad range of everyday household products. Copper is also corrosion resistant and antimicrobial, meaning it prevents the growth of bacteria.

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Sandton Copper Resource

We are actively positioning Sandton Mining to meet the world’s needs and to continue to sustainably generate value for our shareholders, employees, and business partners, as well as for our host communities and governments.

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Copper is one of the most important metals for the modern industry and, therefore, one of the businesses in which Sandton operates. Its thermal energy conductive property surpasses that of any other commercially exploited metal. Malleable, recyclable, and resistant to corrosion and high temperatures, copper is used in the generation and transmission of energy, in wiring and almost all electronic equipment – such as TVs and mobile phones.

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We are a values-driven organization and operate our Copper and Gold Mining businesses with an emphasis on care, courage, curiosity, collaboration, humility, transparency, and integrity. As an ethical and transparent partner, we are committed to operating and growing responsibly as part of a sustainable supply chain that helps our customers reach their sustainability goals.